Friday, April 12, 2013

IPSY Glam Bag.

So I don't know if you guys have heard about If you haven't let me tell you about it now! For 10$ a month you receive a glam bag, a little zipper make-up pouch. When you sign up, they have you answer some questions so they can kind of put products in there that would work for you.

Now you are probably thinking "I bet everything is sample size, right?" NOPE! We will get to all that...

So let me tell you about my first glam bag. It was called Pretty in Pink. The package that came in the mail was a HOT pink padded envelope! I don't know if they all come like that, but it really stood out!

There are a couple of combinations of things you could possibly get. In my bag was "Two Cosmetics" Duo eye shadow:

This is a full size product. One side is a nice pink shimmer. It gives a little light touch of shine. Then the Matte finish goes on smooth and blends really well. I even tried them together and it gave a really fresh look. Great for Spring!

Then the "Sexy Hair" Soy renewal:

Sadly it is just a trial size, but wow! This stuff is AMAZING! First the smell is great! Apparently you can put it in damp hair and it will help your hair dry faster. I haven't tried that yet. I used it on my dry hair to tame frizz and give a little shine. It did what I wanted without making my hair feel weighed down or oily! I love this and since it comes with a coupon code, I will most definitely be buying the full size!

I also received "Sation" nail laquer:

This one was a full size bottle. I got the "love at first byte" color and I wasn't very impressed. It's a pinkish orange. I would have rather had the other option. Three out of four isn't bad. I will use it when I just want something unnoticeable on my nails.

Last but not least was the "Be A Bombshell" Blush:

This was a full size item as well. Mine was "Sweet Cheeks". I loved the color, but mine was broken :(. I guess they are trying to figure out something to do for the people who got theirs broken. I am still waiting to hear back on whether or not I will get a new one. I hope so because I really like this product!

Here is a picture of all my products:

Over all I am pleased with this months bag. I think for 10$ a month this is worth it. You get coupons and more than half the stuff in my bag was full size. So almost one product would be most of the ten dollars if you bought them separate! I already can't wait to get next months bag!


  1. Oh! I can't wait to get my bag!! That sucks about the broken blush. :( I hope they replace it. Amanda has a tutorial on her blog on fixing broken make up!